Simon Mwewa weighes in on Chilufya Tayali’s infidelity confession




On October 8th, 2019 I cautioned Tayali about posting every pixel of his marriage on Facebook. I told him to shield his wife from the intrusive eye of Facebook, but he refused to listen. He then went on a rampage and scolded his audience for complaining about his decision to constantly post his new Ethiopian wife.

Before I dissect his flaccid, weak confession, allow me to say, Tayali’s style of writing is extremely shallow and he over uses the phrase “Such that” [ irritates the heck out of me ]. A sign that he has a very limited vocabulary.

Anyway, let’s take a look at his confession.

First of all, it’s clear to all of us that Tayali’s marriage was based on lies and a smoke screen of political opulence. He some how convinced Tsega that he was a force to reckon within the Zambian political space…but neglected to tell her that once they landed in Zambia, she would be confined to planting lettuce, shooting short videos mulubansa [ in the field ] and taking care of their beautiful baby Kiya.

Tayali can never allow Tsega to work outside of that rent free house because he knows that there’s rich Ethiopian guy out there that can easily make a move. Sometimes I actually think she’s a prisoner in that home.

At one point in his confession, he tells us that he doesn’t tell LIES…and yet his lies are what drove him to confess.

Then he embarrasses his wife by revealing that she throws her rings at him. Tayali doesn’t have the emotional stability to recognise that not everything is for Facebook consumption. Give your wife some dignity by shielding her from public ridicule.

The bombshell was when he confessed to being in bed with another woman. He doesn’t even care that his daughters will read this article or that they will be bullied at school for his misguided confession.

Let’s be clear…Tayali’s marriage is steeped in Facebook show business. Its thin-veneer gives the illusionn of a balanced marriage but yet… it’s completely foundation-less.

Let me hasten to add that there is no such thing as a perfect marriage…but there are certain things a couple shouldn’t do on Facebook. We don’t need to know EVERYTHING.

And most of his audience always talks about how wonder of a husband he is…and how he inspires them. Why not just be the flimsy politician he is and leave his wife out of his one-man-political-circus?

Sometime back, I looked at Tayali’s history and profile and concluded that his marriage wouldn’t go beyond 2 years simply because his marriage to Tsega is based entirely on LIES.

Tayali is the King of blackmail…now the chickens have come home to roost.

Being married to a foreigner requires more than taking pictures in a pool and playing net ball in the front yard of a rent free home.

The only thing holding Tsega back from leaving Tayali and going back to Ethiopia is COVID -TRAVEL-RESTRICTIONS…otherwise nga kale aya.

Lastly let me say, moving forward, if Tsega agrees to be posted on Facebook again, then I can only conclude that she’s equally a problem.



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