Mikhael Artist Bio


Mikha’el pronounced “Mi-kha-el” (born Michael Chibomba; 27 May 1992, is a Zambian singer, songwriter and arts director. He started his career as a music producer under the persona Bllactear in 2016 in Ndola. After been discovered by music enthusiast Bonard Sichimba in 2017, Mikha’el released his debut studio album, titled Close Your Eyes & See in September, 2018; it was supported by two singles; “Only You” and “Over You”.

In 2019, Mikha’el founded Music by Mikha’el with partner Bonard Sichimba (Xizle), a musical group focused in creating audio and musically inspired art. Mikha’el worked on various projects like PilAto’s Here I live album including “Niyimbeko” and “Bantu Tyala” which features afro-soul singer Wezi. He has collaborated with rapper Muzo Aka Alphonso on the song “Alicia” In 2020, Mikha’el release two singles; “Shadow” describe as a “futurist Kalindula sound” and “Obsessed” a much more aggressive vibe as compared to the soft melancholy sound the artist is known for.. 

Recently, Mikha’el and Music by Mikha’el collaborated with Afrozam Radio, an online Radio platform to create audio content and promote Zambian culture, arts and lifestyle. He created literature based podcast series titled Words Of, adapted from his songs and thoughts which premiered on Afrozam Radio on the 28th August, 2020. 

Contact Mikha’el on social media: @musicbymikha’el


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