Lusaka based Afro pop musician Prinz Macker, Says Deav, Nez long & DJ PMC have been trying to block him from blowing up


Lusaka based Afro pop singer Prinz Macker Calls our Daev, Nez long and DJ PMC for trying to stop him from breaking through in the Zambian Music industry


Speaking to AfroZamRadio DJ Kipclassic, Prinz Macker alleged that a number of established artists and DJs have been working tirelessly to block his rise in the music industry.

He said this when he was the Guest of the Zed Underground radio show on AfroZamRadio in Siavonga district. The show  airs every Wednesday from 15 to 17 hours.

Prinz Macker said that dispit being paid the full amount for a feature and promo Dave and Nez long have faid to deliver and have avoiding his calls and holding on the the project for over a year in the studio ,further stated that DJ PMC of power fm  as been trying to prevent him from getting his music out on radio and to the masses he reffered to an incident when he was invited to perform at a show but was made to pay and was not allowed the chance to get on stage dispute paying at waiting in the cold. Macker has vowed to prove everyone who is trying to black ball him wrong, next month Prinz Macker will be releasing a new song titled “if I say” featuring Macky2.

all this can be found in the interview that is is attached below this article let us know what you think about Prince Makers allegations and what do you think of the state of the Zambian music industry

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