5 Qualities of Highly Productive Smart employees


By Ethelbert Obinna Umeh

In the previous post, I promised to explain 5 qualities of productive smart employees or learners. That is exactly what this post is all about:

They are highly focused

Productive smart people don’t multi-task; they engage in one task at a time. Multi-tasking stretches your mental ability and capacity to think creatively. Whenever a smart learner is occupied with a task. They focus on it till its completion. Engaging themselves with one single task makes them better time managers.

They are efficient learners

They are not just focusing. They put a great deal of dedication to their working hours- and learn only the things that are required. They spend time and money acquiring new skills, and knowledge. Efficient learners are better career people.

They filter information

The internet has made it possible for people to research and source for credible information. Really smart productive people learn from credible sources. And when they see useful information, they don’t just accept it hook line and sinker- they weigh it on a screen of truth, before accepting it.

 That is the reason why some of them sound philosophical in their behaviours most times. Filtering information boosts their creative and learning productivity. 

They are hard working

This is another way of saying that they are not lazy. They spend their time, talent and treasure pursuing the right things. They know how to get their task done quickly. 

They are humble

Humility is one mark of truly great people. Productive smart employees know that they are humans, and are prone to make mistakes. So, they don’t take themselves to be gods- they do the right thing, and follow the right principles of success. They know they know little, and are humbly disposed to learn new things. 

Hiring a productive smart learner or employee today can increase the company’s worth. They have the capacity to make good use of their initiatives. 

Do you know that it is better to hire one productive learner and pay him or her slightly higher salary than hiring 2 to 3 people and paying them slightly lower salaries?

 Hiring an efficient smart employee will take your company forward- you will keep breaking new grounds, and always raising new bars of excellence in your business. 

Ethelbert is a leadership coach, speaker, consultant and ghostwriter. Presently, he is serving as Board President, International Institute for Global Leadership, USA. 


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